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Flexible urgent messaging platform
Scalable Reliable Secure
Scalable, reliable and secure paging.
Simple Yet Powerful
Simple yet powerful.
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Nearly infinite use cases.
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA compliant
No-Nonsense Pricing
Affordable no-nonsense pricing
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Are you in Healthcare?

Doctors love SecurePaging

Medical practices moving to SecurePaging are able to realize reduced expense, improved quality, and increased efficiency.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your providers’ jobs easier?

  • provides a simple and intuitive user experience
  • is optimized for provider efficiency with features like:
    ✓ *67 call or regular call-backs
    ✓ page notes
    ✓ color coded page statuses
    ✓ and much, much more...
  • easily exports pages to virtually any EHR
Simple yet powerful Short Demos

Would you like predictability in your on-call service expense?

SecurePaging has:
  • a no nonsense, fixed pricing model
  • no long-term commitments
  • pricing at:
    ✓ 10-20% of typical answering services
    ✓ less than 50% of most HIPAA compliant messaging apps
    ✓ less than 50% of most paging services
Affordable no-nonsense pricing

Would you like clear visibility into your on-call service?

SecurePaging provides:
  • page notes
  • detailed page histories
  • clear visual page statuses
  • shared on-call inbox views
Simple yet powerful Short Demos

Would you like peace of mind with your on-call service?

SecurePaging is:
  • highly secure / HIPAA compliant
  • massively scalable
  • stubbornly reliable
Scalable, reliable and secure paging. HIPAA compliant

Would you like the flexibility to manage your urgent communications in ways that work best for you?

SecurePaging allows:

Capturing urgent messages generated through our:
  • Mobile-First, web based, user interface
  • E-mail interface
  • Hosted webforms
  • Hosted Voicemail boxes

Sending secure pages to:
  • A User
  • A department's oncall personnel
  • An entire department
  • An entire group
  • An entire location
  • The entire organization
Flexible urgent messaging platform Use Cases Short Demos

SecurePaging is a better solution than physical pagers

SecurePaging managing a page

Clunky old pager
Physical pagers have been the staple in urgent communications for more than 50 years, so much so, the concept of paging is synonymous with urgent communications. However, the pager's time has passed.

Today, the ability of legacy paging technology to reliably deliver urgent messages is inadequate. The coverage of legacy paging networks is very limited, leaving many markets without any coverage and others with only spotty coverage by a single carrier.

Legacy pagers, for the most part, are insecure. Most paging devices have no authentication controls. These devices store and receive messages without any encryption. For entities that require HIPAA compliance, standard pagers simply aren't HIPAA compliant.

Acquiring and provisioning paging devices is a slow, expensive and labor intensive process. Additionally, a pager is yet another device that your users must carry.

In contrast, SecurePaging:
  • Runs over cellular/WiFi networks
  • Uses the smartphones your users already have
  • Stores no data on users' phones
  • Encrypts all data while at rest and in transit
  • Allows the user to self register their own telephone
  • Is HIPAA compliant

SecurePaging is a better solution than typical HIPAA messaging apps

SecurePaging works the same across multiple devices
Developed by security engineers and born in the Cloud, SecurePaging was designed to do just one thing:

Secure, reliable, HIPAA compliant urgent messaging

SecurePaging easily co-exists in environments that have: EHR messaging, E-mail, VoiceMail, SharePoint collaborations, etc...

Other messaging apps attempt to be full "communication hubs". As such, their broad scope, more often then not:

✗ Introduces large overlaps with the organization's existing technology catalog.

✗ Causes end-user inefficiency in having to manage an additional active message queue as well as general user confusion in determining the appropriate messaging platform for their message.

✗ Causes greater legal complexity for organizations in managing the lifecycle of their data.

✗ Increases risks for the organization due to the storage of sensitive data on end-users devices.

✗ Adds significant administrative burdens to both the organization's technical staff and end-users as the organization will be forced to manage the app's product lifecycle against a portfolio of disparate end-user devices.

✗ Increases the likelihood that urgent messages will be missed due to the "noise" of the non-urgent messaging.

Additionally, these messaging apps typically require management software to be installed on supported Windows desktops plus specific client software for desktops, tablets and telephones, all of which look and function differently. This further adds to user confusion as well as the complexity and burden of maintaining these apps.

In contrast, SecurePaging:
  • Does not store data on user devices
  • Does not require any software to be installed
  • Works the same on any smartphone, tablet, or computer with a modern browser
  • Does not overlap with organization's existing technology
  • Easily integrates with existing technology
  • Minimizes end user inefficiency and confusion
  • Reduces organizational risks
  • Minimizes complexity
  • Reduces administrative burdens

SecurePaging is a better solution than answering services

Answering services are expensive, prone to human error, do not manage a page's lifecycle, and are often not even HIPAA compliant.

Answering services rely on a third person to construe, document and then route each message to its intended recipient. Each step in this process increases the likelihood that the message will arrive with error, if it arrives at all.

Once the answering service sends the page it is up to the recipient to manage it to closure. Often this is done with home-grown tools offering limited visability and even less checks and balances.

In contrast, SecurePaging:
  • Costs a fraction of typical answering services
  • Is far more accurate and reliable
  • Provides clear statuses, notes, audit logs, shared oncall inbox views, and reports
  • Is HIPAA compliant

Here's a real-time demonstration showing a patient calling a telephone number published on your website and the resulting page sent to your department's on-call personnel. SecurePaging hosts the telephone number/Voicemail box and therefore provides the necessary HIPAA controls around the data. Telephone greetings are fully customizable and allow for different "enabled" and "disabled" greetings

Highlighted is our device registration functionality which allows the user's telephone to be authenticated enabling quick and secure access. As you watch, please note: the link provided in the page notification will only work for this user, with this telephone and for the duration set by an administrator.

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