Sectegrity - Allow No Harm

Simply Powerful

No Software to Install Mobile First Design Standard Metaphors Robust Search Page Notes Department OnCall Inboxes *67 or regular callbacks Page Histories much more...

SecurePaging is powerful and flexible, yet simple and intuitive for both end-users and administrators.

No Software to Install

SecurePaging™ does not require software to be installed on the user's smartphone, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership by reducing administrative burdens on your IT staff and users!

Mobile First Design

Optimized for mobile use and standardized for the same experience regardless of device, users and administrators only need to learn one interface. SecurePaging works and looks the same on your desktop as it does on your smartphone.

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Robust Search

Simple, powerful, flexible search tools allows users to quickly find any thing in the system.

Standard Metaphors

Users see their pages in a common "Traffic Light" color pattern (Red - not yet opened, Yellow - in progress, Green - completed) allowing instant recognition of the status of each page. Users focus their attention where needed!

Page Notes

Page Notes allow users to document a page throughout its lifecycle. Like all other page elements, notes are immutable.

*67 or Regular Callbacks

Choice of *67 or regular callbacks allows OnCall personnel the ability to hide their telephone number on call backs when they don't want their telephone number exposed.

Page Exports

Easily export a page to virtually any EHR or other respository. Original voicemails can optionally be included in the export as well.

Dept OnCall Inboxes

Department OnCall inboxes make for easy and quick shift transitions, with nothing 'falling through the cracks'.

Additional Usability Features

  • Pervasive Crosslinking of Related Items
  • Page History - Including Delivery Confirmation
  • Reminder Alerts
  • Page Forwarding
  • Device Registration (for fast access to pages)
  • User Self Service Administration
  • and much more....