Sectegrity - Allow No Harm

Use Cases

Medical Legal Manufacturing Real Estate Transportation Government Information Technology Finance Entertainment Construction Emergency Response Energy

From on-call operations through business continuity, SecurePaging enables organizations to effectively manage their urgent communications, freeing them to focus on resolutions.

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

SecurePaging provides an "out of band" communication channel that can rapidly reach any or all parts of a company, without reliance on existing business systems/infrastructure. Bulk user administration allows large organizations to easily manage add/change/delete user operations.

Critical messages can be targeted to:
  • individual personnel
  • entire departments (or just the department's on-call personnel)
  • entire locations
  • entire groups
  • the entire organization

Inaccessible Locations

Quickly notify personnel of delays/closings due to hazardous conditions.

Security Events

Provide real-time instructions to an entire location during a "security event".

Event -> Response

  • Critical IT systems alert handling (via our API or E-Mail interfaces)
  • Security dispatches
  • Facilities and Custodial dispatches


  • Communicate a "last second" venue change for your monthly department wide meeting
  • Call an urgent "All hands" team (group) meeting
  • Provide critical updates to sales personnel at a strategic client's site

On-call Operations

Doctor On-Call

Patients call (or are routed to) an urgent message telephone number (a SecurePaging voicemail-box). The patient leaves a message and SecurePaging pages the Doctor on-call. The Doctor opens the page, listens to the voicemail, calls the patient back, adds any notes she feels necessary, and marks the page as closed. If desired, the Doctor can easily export the page into her practice's EHR.

SecurePaging allows medical offices to reduce expense, improve quality of care and increase efficiency by eliminating 3rd party answering services (which are both expensive and prone to errors).

Coordinated On-Call Response

Create a group to handle a pre-defined response. A hospital creates a group 'Emergency C-Section' which contains the Anesthesia, OBGYN, OR Nursing, OR Tech, and OR Coordinator departments. When there is an emergency C-Section, a page to the Emergency C-Section group will send pages to the On-Call personnel for each department in the group as well as any individuals defined in the group.

IT Operations

Send AWS, GCP, Azure, or any other system's alerts, via E-mail or an API call, to SecurePaging for routing to the appropriate department's on-call personnel for immediate action.

Internal Off Hours Support

It's 2am and your Vice President of sales, who is pitching a strategic client in the morning, can't access a necessary IT resource. Your VP simply pages the IT Support Department and help will be on its way.

Premium Customer Support

Voicemail boxes or hosted webforms allow your customers to reach you when they need you most.