Sectegrity - Allow No Harm

Sectegrity Corporation
Acceptable Use Policy

This document is intended to clarify Sectegrity Corporation's view of acceptable use of its service offerings.

If you are found to be in violation of any of the below policies, your account may be subject to additional fees and/or account suspension or account termination. Additionally, violations of any of the below may result in civil or criminal actions being taken against you.

Illegal Use
No Sectegrity product offering may be used for any illegal purpose. Period.

Spam, Bulk or Deceptive Marketing
No Sectegrity product offering may be used for the purpose of bulk and/or deceptive marketing.

Misleading Identifiers
The use identifiers which are designed to give a false or misleading impression of the user's identity, ownerships, affiliations or actions are strictly prohibited.

Disruptions and Exploits
Scanning, probing, scraping, or any attempted unauthorized use of a Sectegrity product offering may result in any or all of the following: a) account termination, b) civil penalties, c) criminal prosecutions

Unlimited Usage
Any Sectegrity product offering which includes an "unlimited" consumption component shall not be used in an "unreasonable" or "abusive" fashion. Use that is considered "unreasonable" or "abusive" may result in additional charges and/or account termination.

Defamatory, Hate or Sexually Explicit Material
No user shall use a Sectegrity product to publicly exhibit/display/show defamatory, hate or sexually explicit material. So long as the content is legal, this does not apply to private data (authenticated and authorized user access).

Last Updated: 01/22/2020