Sectegrity - Allow No Harm

No-Nonsense Pricing

Tremendous Value
No Long Term Commitments No Hidden Charges Unlimited Pages* Unlimited Voicemails* Unlimited Departments Unlimited Locations Unlimited Groups Unlimited API Endpoints** Unlimited Email Addresses**


No Long Term Commitments

SecurePaging uses a monthly subscription model. You only commit to one month at a time. If you decide to cancel your service, we simply stop renewing your subscription.

No Hidden Charges

You are billed only for the licenses you purchase. That is it! No consumables, no setup fees.

Each user license includes unlimited* pages.

Each voicemail license includes unlimited* voicemails.

Every Account Includes

  • Unlimited Pages*
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited WebForms
  • Unlimited API endpoints**
  • Unlimited Email Addresses**

Tremendous Value

We priced SecurePaging™ to be the market leader in both quality and value!

* Unlimited usage does not mean unreasonable or abusive usage. In such cases, additional fees may be applied, or accounts may be terminated.

** E-mail addresses and API endpoints are each limited to 1 to per department, but a subscription can have an unlimited number of departments.